Website button


This button directs you to the home page on the website.

Help button


This button directs you to the page linked with the VNPLUGIN program on the website.

Contact Us button


This button directs you to the contact page on the website.

Delete temp files button


When you use the program, the web section buttons store their information in the VNPlugin program folder so that you do not wait to re-download the images when you re-use the program. By clicking this button, all these images will be deleted. Using this button would not create any disturbance in the program and you can use it whenever you wish.

Fix button


Note: Use this button when the program is online.

This button search all the folders and files in the VNPlugin application and delete or remove any additional or old file.

By opening the menus by the user, this option is used automatically and without user’s permission in order to resolve the existing defects.

If this button does not help you fix the program, contact our support team.

Update button


By clicking this button, the program search for the existing version and if there is a more recent version, it downloads it and substitutes it with the old version.

Note: When the program is opened, this button is activated automatically (1 time per 5 times) and the search is performed.

If a recent version of the application is available, you will encounter the message below:



In this box, the MoreInfo button briefly provides you with some information about the new version.

The No button closes the dialog box and the new version would not be downloaded.

The Yes button will download the new version to replace the previous version

Search Field


In this field, you can search using Farsi or Latin language and see the search results in relevant dialogues. It is not necessary to use keys such as + and so on and the program would search all words separated by a space between them. The search process is as follows: If you, for example, search the term Eagle Bird, the program first displays all the items containing the keyword bird and eagle and then displays all birds or eagles. Hence, the first options are the closest options to what you aimed.

To accelerate the search process, information is first downloaded from the server and then searching is performed offline on downloaded information. Downloading information occurs every few days and no data is downloaded one or two days after downloading and the information is used offline.

Activation button


If the program is activated, the activation button will be green and if the program is not activated, this button will be displayed in red.



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