Catalyst version 3.0.0 installable on 3ds Max 2011 or higher versions and Vray plug-in version 3.0 and lower versions

The catalyst program  is a plug-in to speed up the render in 3ds Max. Optimizing the Vray renderer settings this plug-in is able to speed up render 5 to 10 times. This plug- in can be used particularly in test renders. As we know, we need repeatedly test render to change the lighting and materials, etc to get an image output in 3ds Max environment, so that a professional output is obtained. This software helps you to get high-speed rendering and get the desired result in less time. Despite the simplicity of the software, it has professional render settings for vray renderer that professional people can easily save favorite settings and use default settings.


Among the characteristics of this software are as follows:

– Increasing render speed of Vray renderer.

– It can be installed on 3ds Max program  version 2011 and higher versions.

– It can be used in Vray renderer engine version 3 and lower versions.

– It has adjustability feature and modifies all settings of catalyst feature.

– Small user environment to avoid non-occupation of Viewport environment.

– The possibility of automatically removing all materials having RayTrace within materials and Multi-material.

– The possibility of quickly modifying all subdivs of Vray material in reflection and refraction section.

– The possibility of disabling Use Interpolation of all materials contained in the scene.

– It has Show Last button to display the last taken render in the VRay frame buffer.

– Automatic switch on the VRay frame buffer.

– The possibility of turning on and off VrayFur or Hair & Fur modifier in all objects in the scene.

– The possibility of hiding objects behind the scene to reduce used memory space (RAM) (especially on external scenes).

– Modifying VRay render setting to user default settings when  user saves the file or when file is saved automatically by 3ds Max.

– Auto close of program when new file is opened or when new settings of render are loaded to prevent user error.

– The possibility of using it in animation renders.

– Easy to install.


Download Catalyst video tutorial




Main dialogue of program


Render settings :

This section that is shown with a slider (from 0 to 100) represents the quality of render settings. The number 100 is defined as the user setting and the value 0 is defined as the weakest situation. Slider or buttons that are displayed by numbers can be used to reduce and increase settings.


1 – Closing the settings dialog automatically it is returned back 100 that is the user setting.

2 –Autosave or Save by user, the setting becomes 100 and when completely was saved, it returns back to the previous number.

3 – Opening the new file, the dialog is automatically closed (slider is returned back number 100).

All these events happen in order to prevent user error and use easier the software.


The lights:

The settings of this section is devoted to light quality of Vray. Max Subdivs amount represents the maximum amount of light divisions and after click Apply to lights button, if these settings are much more than Max Subdivs amount, these numbers are changed to Max Subdivs. Min Subdivs amount also displays the lowest amount of light divisions and does not allow setting to be less than this number. Aplly to lights button applies setting for all lights inside scene (It includes hidden lights).


 Changing light settings


The materials (Materials):

In this section like lights section, Subdivs setting changes material for reflection and refraction. The effected materials are only Vray materials and no matter they have been used in which section (Blend, MultiMaterial, etc.). Clear interpolation button disables the Interpolation tick of the reflection and refraction of Vray materials. This button is used when Irradiance Map amount in rendering time is more than our expectancy and the black scenes can be seen in the rendering process that reflections or refractions are calculated within them.


 modifying material setting

catalyst_main-dialog-vnplugin-speed-rendering5 (1)


 Render button

This button activates Frame buffer of Vray program and then starts rendering. It is not necessary to use this button for Catalyst application. Using 3ds Max program buttons or shortcuts, catalyst program  has its own performance.

Button to display the latest render:

This button displays the last picture taken in Vray frame buffer.

Clear hair & fur button

By clicking this button all VrayFurs or Hair & Fur modifiers turn off (or turn on). This button is very useful when using objects like dolls.

Hide Camera back button:

Clicking this button, objects behind the scenes will be hidden (there is no need for camera in display screen). Sometimes it happens that clicking this button, some objects are not Hidden. The program  does not implement hiding operation for some objects with certain sizes or parameters and this is because of better function of application; because in some cases, hiding large objects or ceilings can cause changes in lighting.

Note: This button has no effect on populates.



Clear ray Trace button

Clicking this very useful button, all sections having RayTrace are removed from materials. Note that materials having RayTrace often slow render time and in some cases, when they are converted to the Proxy, make disorders in render and close 3ds Max windows.





Refresh information button

Clicking this button, all the changes made or saved in program by user will be opened in default form. Max program must be run as Admin for proper working of this button.

Show All button

This button displays all the changes that catalyst program makes in Vray renderer section. To understand how this section works, consider the following example:


Suppose you want threshold noise to reach a value of 0.5 in 60%.

Firstly, click on the Show All button so that additional parameters of program to be opened.

Click G.D. so that related parameters are displayed.

Put the slider on number 60%. As you can see, in this case, a small button against Noise thresh is white. This means that this parameter has no amount in 60% and then the determining number is between 100% and 0%.

Change Noise thresh number to 0.5  Now, a small button against this parameter is red, which means that this parameter is always 0.5 at 60%, and is not affected by previous and next values. If we want to save the data permanently, we can use the Save Setting button.

If we want to remove this parameter from the default form, and again it is depended on previous and next values , it is sufficient to click on red button so that it changes to white. In this case, the parameter value will change spontaneously.


Presenting the way of changing render time in different percentages of catalyst software








free for version 2.0.0

DOWNLOAD CATALYST (3ds Max 2011 _ 2014)


DOWNLOAD CATALYST (V-Ray 3.2 – 3dmax 2014,2015,2016)

DOWNLOAD CATALYST (V-Ray 3.4 – 3dmax 2014,2015,2016,2017)




How to install

1- Download Catalyst
2- Close 3ds Max
3- Run  Catalyst_install_ver3.exe
4- Open 3ds Max
5- Run Catalyst from main menu/VN/Catalyst

How to activate

1- Deposit the amount of 24$ to Paypal account (
2- Send application “requested code” to to get an “activation code”.
or fallow this video:

Download video

How can I active the software?

1- First, download the software from the website
2- Install and run the program
3- Deposit the amount of 24$ to Paypal account. (
4- Send application REQUESTED CODE to to get an ACTIVATION CODE.
5- Type your activation code in the related field and activate the program.

I have problems in installing or running the software

Explain your problem by contact us form and describe the software specification such as the mail, program version, the error message, 3ds Max version, error timing and other information. Your problem will be resolved if possible, otherwise the funds will be returned or the user can use the other features of the website.

Is Catalyst software used in animation renders?

Yes. You can use this software in animation rendering. Sometimes the parameters Irradiance map and Light cache are rendered without catalyst and the final output will be rendered by using the catalyst. This helps in increasing the rendering speed and quality.

On what version of 3ds Max software can be installed catalyst?

This software can be installed on 3ds Max version 2011 and higher.

Is the catalyst work by changing the hardware system?

No. This software will increase rendering speed by optimizing render setting ( these setting can also be changed 100% by the user).

Is the catalyst work by render engines such as MentalRay and ...?

No. This software is usable only on VRay Renderer plugin.

I have some ideas about improving software

You can let us all the suggestions from the “Contact Us” to know. if our team is able to do it will implement it in the next software version surely.


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