CANDO ver 1.3.0

CANDO is a program to create random tiles. It is able to provide tiles in three dimensions or tiles as textures. This program can be used to create bricks, mosaics, tiles, parquet and … .


Cando version 2 is currently under construction. Using Tile in quick cases can use this simple free script.Version 2 will be easier and more powerful.
Version 2 of the program will be free for previous users.

General features of the software are as follows:

  • Easy to install
  • Layer-based
  • Includes default values
  • It can create Multi/sub-object materials
  • It can create random UVW Map for each tile
  • Visual user interface
  • Ability to create Diffuse, Bump and Normal bump textures
  • ability to change Multimaterial parameters ( Brightness, Bump, Reflect, Glossy, Glossy Map, Subdivs, and Glossy Map Multiplier)
  • It can create random Extrude, Chaos, Reflect, Glossiness, Bump and Diffuse
  • Includes default multi materials
  • Includes default Mask
  • Ability to rotate tile direction
  • Ability to create tiles on uneven surfaces

New in version 1.3.0
Download tutorial: New in version 1.3.0  (13 MB)
New in version 1.2.0
Download tutorial: New in version 1.2.0  (55.4 MB)
Create simple brick
Download tutorial: How to create simple brick using CANDO Software  (7.5 MB)

Create Complicated Parquet
Download tutorial: How to create complicated parquet using CANDO Software  (16.8 MB)

Change material by CANDO
Download tutorial: How to change material using CANDO Software  (20.4 MB)
More video:

Download tutorial: How to create tiles on curve surface using CANDO Software  (13.9 MB)

How to use Buttons in CANDO




 Two licenses: 34 USD


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